2014 Turtle Walk Summary

Now that we've had time to recuperate after the the turtle walk season, here are the results. Drum roll please....

We booked a total of 14 walks, including one that we cancelled during the presentation due to severe thunderstorms.  We had a total of 325 reservations out of 350 maximum (93%).  Once word got out though news media and other means, all of our walks in late June and the entire month of July were booked.  The average group size was 2.8 people.  Our actual attendance was 293 people including 230 adults (78%) and 63 children (22%).

Our success rate was negatively influenced by the Fourth of July weekend and the "supermoon" phenomenon, both of which led to more people and lights on the beach and, therefore, turtles deciding not to nest during the time we were out there.  The proportion of walks where participants saw a nesting loggerhead was 62%.  If we excluded the Fourth of July weekend, the success rate rose to 73%.  There was only one night when our scouts did not see any turtles emerging on the beach.

We recorded measurements on six loggerheads.  The straight carapace length (shell length) on those turtles averaged 92.0 cm with an average estimated weight of 236 lbs.  Overall, we were happy with our first year of turtle walks and look forward to making some minor adjustments to make next year even better.  A big thanks go out to everyone who helped or participated.